East Hampton Veterinary Group

Diagnostic Care

Is your pet sick, injured, or just not acting like themselves in some way? Our expert team of vets will examine your pet using the latest in veterinary expertise and technology in order to diagnose exactly what’s going on— helping create a path forward to return your pet to full health when possible.

In-House Laboratory

Our facility is home to an in-house lab, which allows us to quickly analyze samples and share test results with you. This is especially beneficial when treating critical care and emergency cases because we are able to begin treatment sooner without the need for an outside lab. Blood work also helps in the diagnosis of common chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, kidney disease, thyroid disease, and many other conditions.

We are equipped to run a variety of tests including but not limited to urinalysis, CBC, chemistry profile, heartworm test, screening for tick-borne diseases, pancreatitis and more.

Digital X-Ray

When your pet is ill or injured, you want a prompt, accurate and affordable diagnosis.

With digital x-rays, this is possible! Without the need for traditional film radiographs, results are generated quickly with the clearest and highest quality images that can even be enhanced further for the truest diagnosis. If your pet needs to see a specialist for consultation, results can easily and instantly be shared. In addition, digital radiographs expose patients to lower levels of radiation making the process completely harmless, painless and non-invasive.

We commonly use digital radiographs to diagnose a wide-range of conditions such as foreign objects and intestinal blockages, bladder stones, bone fractures, tumors, chronic arthritis and much more.


Ultrasound technology is an invaluable diagnostic resource. Going a step further, ultrasound waves allow us to see inside your pet's organs. By sending sound waves into your pet's body, echoes form a detailed image of internal systems, eliminating the need for invasive procedures. We commonly utilize ultrasound technology to identify a variety of conditions such as tumors, liver, kidney, splenic, pancreatic illnesses, problems with the gastrointestinal or urinary tract.


EKG technology is a non-invasive tool that effectively monitors heart rhythms and electrical impulses. By gently placing your pet on their side and putting electrodes on certain areas of the body, we are able to diagnose heart health. This is often used with ultrasound technology to get the most accurate diagnosis.

If you notice symptoms such as coughing, lethargy, labored breathing, and weakness, your pet may be experiencing a heart condition.

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