East Hampton Veterinary Group

Full Service Vet Clinic

East Hampton Veterinary Group is a full-service veterinary clinic caring for dogs, cats, and other pets to provide a holistic approach to animal health care that includes routine exams, vaccinations, routine and advanced surgery, diagnostic care, and much more.

Preventative Care

Preventing illness and disease is one of the most important tasks we manage here at East Hampton Veterinary Group, but we need your help. Bring your pet in for routine exams even when they seem healthy, so we can assess their health and spot any potential problems before they become too serious to properly treat.

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Diagnostic Care

Is your pet sick, injured, or just not acting like themselves in some way? Our expert team of vets will examine your pet using the latest in veterinary expertise and technology in order to diagnose exactly what’s going on— helping create a path forward to return your pet to full health when possible.

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Veterinary Pet Surgery

Even routine surgery on your pet is a serious matter, and you want to entrust these procedures to the best veterinary experts available. That’s what you’ll find at East Hampton Veterinary Group, where we routinely handle spay/neuter procedures, foreign body removal, tumor & growth removal, and much more.

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Pet Dental Services

Don’t neglect your pet’s dental health, as the mouths of animals are both incredibly important for their health and can also be the site of serious discomfort and disease. We’re happy to provide pet dental services ranging from dental exams and cleanings to diagnosis and treatment of dental disease.

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Holistic Medicine

At East Hampton Veterinary Group, we believe in a holistic approach to veterinary medicine that combines modern technology with ancient and proven practices and techniques that can improve your pet’s health and wellness.

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Internal Medicine

Our veterinary experts at East Hampton Veterinary Group are trained in a range of services to help keep your pet healthy and happy. From dermatology and allergy testing to endocrinology and cancer treatment, our special areas of expertise allow us to go deeper in understanding and treating your pet’s ailments and illnesses.

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Puppy & Kitten Care

Caring for puppies and kittens requires special attention, and no one has more experience with young animal care than our team at East Hampton Veterinary Group. We’ll provide everything your puppy and kitten needs to live a healthy life, including the knowledge to make you a better owner at home.

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Senior Pet Care

Whether your beloved pet has spent a long, happy life with you or you recently adopted a senior dog, our older pets need special attention. Just like with humans, aging for pets comes with a long list of potential health issues— from arthritis and joint pain to higher risk of cancers and other concerns.

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On-Site Pharmacy

Our in-house pharmacy allows us to provide fast access to important medications and prescriptions for our clients' pets. From parasite prevention medication to special dietary supplements and prescription foods, you'll find everything you need right here.

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Located behind Saunders & Associates on Montauk Highway between Buckskill Road and Highway Behind the Lots.

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